Introducing...M&J Becker Wines!

Sydney born and raised, James Becker wasn't introduced to a life of enology until late into his 20's. Instead, the life of Finance stood between him and his true unbeknown passion. 

In 1995, The Becker family purchased the now certifed-organic Ablington Vineyard in the Hunter Valley. An investment at the time for the family, not deemed as a destined path towards winemaking. James reluctantly tucked away at his role in finance until his defining eureka moment of "Finance Sucks!"

This moment compelled James to uproot and set course for Mexico. An avid Surfer, James spent a year amongst the waves of Mezcal, Tequila and the Puerto Escondido coastline until he exhausted his 'gap year' budget.

Enter Greg LaFollette. James' first vintage job landed him in the presence of Californian royalty. It was here that he fell for winemaking, Burgundian varietals, Californian terroir, their way of life and promised to never look back.

Nowadays, when James holidays abroad for vintage, he knocks around in some pretty neat circles including the likes of LaFollette, Ruth Lewandowski, Ryme, Idlewild and Leo Steen. Besides drinking in great company, they share a camaraderie towards all their vinous endeavours at the frontier of whats cool in Californian wine.


2017 ~ M&J Becker Wines - Pétillant Naturel of Pinot Meunier

approx 2500 bottles produced

Pinot Meunier sourced from organic basalt soils in Tumbarumba, southwest NSW at 645m elevation.The fruit is wholebunch pressed straight to tank where the juice begins to naturally ferment. Before primary fermentation is complete, it is sent to bottle and put under crown seal. Remaining yeasts run the wine dry releasing carbon dioxide which then dissolves through the wine, leaving us with 'Pétillant Naturel' or natural sparkling. Bloody delicious! Unfiltered, unfined, no added sulphur.

2016 ~ The State of Jefferson Chardonnay

approx 1000 bottles produced

The State of Jefferson is the proposed 51st U.S. state that would span the contiguous, mostly rural area of southern Oregon and Northern California, where several attempts to separate from Oregon and California, respectively, have taken place. Reasons being, they are lacking in political or governmental support; poor roads, few hospitals or public service to name a few, thus seeming appropriate to govern themselves. This wine was sourced and made to champion this cause.

Old Wente Chardonnay from Sonoma Coast was handpicked from Gold Ridge sandy loam soils at 150m elevation in the early hours of the morning to retain natural acidity. Wholebunch pressed and left on skins for 24 hours, the juice then goes to old neutral French barriques for 12months without sulphur to allow full malolactic fermentation. The wine is then racked at bottling, unfined and 50ppm sulphur at bottling.

Manchester Ridge, Mendocino County

Manchester Ridge, Mendocino County

Manchester Ridge, Mendocino County. For this highly sought after plot of grapes, you'd expect as little as a 10 year waiting list to be considered to buy their fruit. This beautiful landscape experiences a gnarly diurnal shift from as high as 35°C to as low as 3°C between day and night.

Whats better is, at 990m elevation and 5km from the coast, the climate allows thermal amplitude to provide light for photosynthesis & phenolic ripeness towards the canopy, however, retaining acidity with cooler temperatures in the shade for the fruit. Not to mention, the sound of the surf crashing below whilst you work!

2015 ~ M&J Becker Wines Chardonnay

approx 888 bottles produced (limited supply in Australia)

From Manchester Ridge, Mendocino County and sourced in the early hours to retain freshness from 990m elevation on Gold Ridge sandy loam soils by hand. 80% wholebunch fruit and 20% destemmed are pressed and left to macerated on skins for 24 hours before being transferred to neutral French barriques. Here the wine is allowed to complete primary and secondary fermentation without the addition of any factory adds and zero battonage.

The wine is bottled unfined, unfiltered and with 60ppm sulphur added.

2015 ~ M&J Becker Wines Pinot Noir

approx 888 bottles produced (limited supply in Australia)

Pinot Noir sourced from Manchester Ridge, Mendocino County at 990m elevation on Gold Ridge sandy loam soils, 20% wholebunch & 80% whole berry were basket pressed and left on skins for 10 days, punch downs occurring once daily and no stirring for a brighter, prettier and more delicate expression. The wine is then pressed to neutral French barrique for 12 months and only racked at bottling.

The wine is bottled unfined, unfiltered and with 80ppm sulphur total